Japanese for Parents and Guardians Course

I think the people who are comfortable with the everyday conversation but are struggling to properly communicate with their children’s teachers or other parents at school events are not few. It is important to use a proper Japanese based on the situation and communicate smoothly. Would you try and learn that Japanese? Moreover, we can not only learn Japanese but also think together about the difficulties and solutions to raise a child in Japan.




A course focused on learning the Japanese necessary to parents or guardians to support the school-life of their children, as well as Japanese useful at particular places, like the ward office or the hospital. This course is thought for people who are comfortable in everyday conversation but want to learn those extra Japanese and Kanji necessary at particular places.


The objective is to master the Japanese necessary to practical everyday life in a short period of time and learn how to pick up the necessary information.


Inquiry required


10 lessons/120 minutes per lessons

Number of Participants

From 4 to 7 participants


N4 level and above recommended


Original material

Delivery Method

The Lesson Plan below is just an example of possible subjects. In reality, the lessons will be arranged on the requests of the participants, who will express their preference through a questionnaire.

Available Classes

Application Deadline: Inquiry required

Lesson Plan

The 1stGood deals and Net-Shopping

The 2ndAnnoying procedures (moving to a new apartment, etc.)

The 3rdHospital

The 4thSchool

The 5thEducational system and related paths

The 6thChild care

The 7thCooking and nutrition: asking a favor

The 8thChildren's play

The 9thCustoms and Manners: getting permission

The 10thCustoms and Manners: apologizing


¥40,000 + Tax