Learning Japanese Pronunciation by Reading Aloud Course

Is Japanese pronunciation difficult? Vowels and consonants might be simple, but what about accent and long vowels? 「橋」「箸」「端」 they are all transliterated as “HASHI”, but they are all different. 「ビル」(BIRU) and 「ビール」(BĪRU) are also different. To learn such differences, exercise your pronunciation in practice is overwhelmingly better than study in theory. my advice is to practice “reading aloud”. It’s just reading characters but could be unexpectedly difficult. Everyone, let’s try to read our favorite books like a Japanese person would.




“Reading aloud” is an action as simple as “saying aloud what you are reading”, but when the occasion actually presents itself, it could actually be quite difficult. You have to pay attention not only to the simple comprehension of the text but also to things like how to read Kanji or intonation. This course aims to teach you the correct pronunciation of Japanese by reading aloud.


Grasp instinctively things like the rhythm of Japanese and pitch accents.


Fri. 17:30-19:00
Japan Standard Time  (GMT+9)


10 lessons/90 minutes per lesson

Number of Participants

From 4 to 8 participants


N2 level and above recommended


“Koe ni Dashite Yomitai Nihongo” by Saitō Takashi
“Tanpopo” by Yoshimoto Banana
“Kino no Tabi” by Shigusawa Keiichi

Delivery Method

After a first introduction and exercise of “pitch accent” and “rhythm”, it will be time to read Japanese aloud in practice. In order to grasp instinctively these concepts, the focus will be more on practice, than theory.

Available Classes

Application Deadline: Inquiry required

Friday Class

The 1stExercises on pitch accent" 1

The 2ndExercises on "pitch accent" 2

The 3rdExercises on "rhythm" 1

The 4thExercises on "rhythm" 2

The 5thReading "Haiku" and "Senryu"

The 6thReading short phrases like"Punch line" or "One-liner"

The 7thExercises on reading aloud

The 8thReading pieces chose by the participants 1

The 9thReading pieces chose by the participants 2

The 10thReading pieces chose by the participants 3


¥30,000 + Tax