Let’s gather in Animal Crossing Course

Let’s have fun studying Japanese in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We welcome people who have just started living on an uninhabited island, veterans of the game, and people who are starting to get bored. While actually playing online, learn casual and natural Japanese used during gameplay to lead a more fulfilling uninhabited island life.




In this course, learn Japanese with Animal Crossing New Horizons. It is for people who are playing this game in their country language or are already playing in Japanese but want to understand more the Japanese used in the game.


You will enjoy Animal Crossing New Horizons and be able to chat about the game in casual Japanese.


Morning Class: Tue. 9:30-10:30
Afternoon Class: Thu. 17:00-18:00
Japan Standard Time  (GMT+9)


5 lessons/60 minutes per lesson

Number of Participants

From 4 to 7 participants


N4 level and above recommended


Nintendo Switch『Animal Crossing New Horizons』

Delivery Method

Play online with Nintendo Switch while explaining the words and grammar on Discord (PC or smartphone is acceptable). The words and expressions learned on that day will be distributed as materials for later review.
*To play online, you need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.
*Discord required DL (https://discord.com/)

Available Classes

Application Deadline: Sep 27, 2020

Oct. AM Class(For Beginners)

10/6(Tue)9:30-10:30Basic actions; Basic gameplay

10/13(Tue)9:30-10:30A guide to the island

10/20(Tue)9:30-10:30Presenting your own home

10/27(Tue)9:30-10:30Let's go to town

※11/3(Tue)No Class

11/10(Tue)9:30-10:30Let's speak to citizens and visitors

Oct. PM Class(For Intermediate)

10/8(Thu)17:00-18:00Basic actions; Basic gameplay

10/15(Thu)17:00-18:00A guide to the island

10/22(Thu)17:00-18:00Presenting your own home

10/29(Thu)17:00-18:00Let's go to town

11/5(Thu)17:00-18:00Let's speak to citizens and visitors


¥10,000 + Tax