Reading “Slam dunk” Course

I personally love the characters Mitsui and Rukawa and I want to be a teacher like Mr. Anzai. I enjoy “Slam Dunk” so much that I can learn Japanese in a different way as well! Let’s talk about “Slam Dunk” appreciation together!




In this course, we will explore the famous scenes in the “Slam Dunk” comic. You will think, learn and deeply understand the background, quotes, and emotions of the characters. We will discuss your thoughts and impressions of what you enjoyed from the reading as well as your opinions of Slam Dunk’s great reputation.


You will be able to understand the “Slam Dunk” comic in a different perspective as well as interact and share your experience with other “Slame Dunk” fans in Japanese.


Fri. 11:10-12:10
Japan Standard Time  (GMT+9)


5 lessons/60 minutes per lesson

Number of Participants

From 4 to 6 participants


N3 level and above


Original teaching materials

Delivery Method

Japanese only. Lessons held on ZOOM.
You will review in depth the contents and background of the famous scenes in “Slam Dunk” → you will then summarize your thoughts and impressions → you will present them → then you will exchange opinions with your classmates

Available Classes

Application Deadline: Feb 21, 2021

March Class

①3/5(Fri)10:10-11:10Hisashi Mitsui and Professor Anzai "If you give up, the game will end there..?"

②3/12(Fri)10:10-11:10Sakuragi Hanamichi "I love you. This time it is not a lie."

③3/19(Fri)10:10-11:10Kaede Rukawa "Let's do that today too, we are the ones to make it happen"

④3/26(Fri)10:10-11:10Miyagi Ryota "Dribbling is the only way Chibi lives!"

⑤4/2(Fri)10:10-11:10Gori and Glasses "We will wait for 2 years also"


¥10,000 + Tax