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How to get to Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin

From JR Shibuya Station West Exit (South ticket gate)
From Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station Central Exit

From JR Shibuya Station West Exit

Take the South Gate out of JR Shibuya Station and then the West Exit. To your left there will be stairs leading up to the pedestrian bridge. Go up the stairs to cross the bridge and as you come off the bridge, proceed down the stairs in the same direction. Continue straight through the construction passageway and cross the street towards the black building with the sign "Ikebe MUSIC".  Make a left and head toward the next crosswalk,  "KIRIN City" will be on the corner on your right side.  

Proceed to cross the street towards "Sukiya" restaurant and make a right up the steep hill with "Sukiya" on your left.  Continue walking up the hill until you pass the "Granbell Hotel" with the pizza restaurant "Cona" on the first floor.   Our school is located between "Cona" and the "Renoir Cafe" in the "NKG Tokyo Building".  The front desk of the school is on the second floor of the "NKG Tokyo Building".  

The name of the school building is "NKG Tokyo Building (NKG東京ビル)", however it may be called "NKG Tokyo Main Office Building (NKG東京本社ビル)" in some maps.  The brown building next to the school is called "NKG Tokyo Building No. 2 (NKG東京第2ビル)". Please be aware of the two different buildings when you visit the school.

*Directions to the school are subject to change due to construction.