Finding accommodation in Japan can be hard for foreigners. Through our partners, we have several accommodation options available from which you can choose. We can present options for Home Stay, Guest House accommodations as well as provide Realtor recommendation if you are looking to rent an apartment.

Japan Homestay


Staying with a Japanese family in a Homestay program provides a better understanding and appreciation of the Japanese family daily life, while also having the opportunity to practice your Japanese. You will enjoy family meals and outings, as well as introduce your own culture to your host family.

  • Price

    4,536 yen per night

  • Application

    10,800 yen fee

  • Meals

    includes breakfast and dinner

  • Location

    Within 60 minutes from the school

  • Duration

    3-month maximum per family


Living in a Share House or Guest House will provide you with the opportunity to widen your circle of friends when you go home as well. Live with Japanese and Foreign nationals in a multicultural environment, most share houses provide both private and shared rooms depending on your preference, some share houses have women-only properties available as well.

Japan Sharehouse

Sample Guesthouse at Borderless House.

  • Rent

    Starting at 40,000 yen per month

  • Initial cost

    Starting at 50,000 yen

  • Utilities and Internet

    Usually included in the rent

  • Location

    Share houses are available throughout Tokyo area

  • Discounts

    Our Students may receive discounts


Photo by TIERRA  


Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. There are unfurnished, semi-furnished, fully furnished, serviced apartments and many more to choose from. Apartments can be relatively expensive compared to homestay or share house but if you are staying for a long period, looking for complete privacy or wish to share an apartment with a friend then this might be right for you.

  • Rent

    Starting at 70,000 Yen 

  • Initial cost

    Starting with the equivalent of 3 month rent

  • Utilities and Internet

    Usually not included

  • Location

    Anywhere in Tokyo

  • Duration

    Usually a 2 years contract but you may terminate the contract whenever you wish

J&F Plaza -"International exchange" is the concept of this large scale share house. You will make many Japanese friends!


BORDERLESS HOUSE - A Multicultural Share House with Locals


Firsthouse Interwhao - A shared space with new friends
Our staff lives in certain properties for fully management
Fully furnished rooms without fees of deposit and agent.
Enjoy the life in Japan while learning JAPAN.

SAKURA HOUSE - Home Away from Home. 

Provides furnished apartments, share houses, dormitories to foreign students since 1992. Accommodation near the school available.

Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin - Exclusive Contact Form

WONDER-POWERED YOÜ - A student residence attached to a hotel.
It is a place where you can interact with Japanese
and other international guests.
Of course, the staff speaks both Japanese and English,
so you can feel comfortable!

TIERRA - Real estate agent with English and Italian speaking staff