Alex from England

Alex from England

The Japanese we are taught is not standard textbook situations, but real life scenarios
The Japanese we are taught is not standard textbook situations, but real life scenarios

Q: Why did you decide to live in Japan?

A: My dream is to open a restaurant in Tokyo, I decided to make another step towards my dream by studying Japanese in Japan. I figured that learning Japanese in Japan would be much more effective as you are constantly immersed in and forced to use Japanese. I couldn't have made a better choice as I had studied Japanese in my own country for 3 years, needless to say, 2 hours per week was not very effective.

Q: Why did you choose Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin?

A: Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin boosts focusing the curriculum more towards speaking the language which I think is the most important topic in any language. From what I have heard from students who have attended other language schools, Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin's curriculum is as they say  ( more oriented around speaking ) which is much more suited to me as writing essays and constantly copying from a textbook like other schools just isn't suitable for me as a practical learner. 

Q: In your opinion, what is the best thing about studying in Japan at Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin?

A: For me, the best thing is first being able to use what I learn in class out in the real world, as the Japanese we are taught are not standard textbook situations, but real life scenarios. Being able to experience life in Japan is great but being able to take what I learn in the classroom and apply it to my everyday life here is the best thing for me. 

Q: What are your plans after graduating from Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin?

A: After graduating I will apply for a working holiday visa so that I can travel around the country and explore the wonders it has to offer, while still being able to work to fund my living costs. After this, I will enter a business school here in Japan to take me one step closer to my dream.

Q: What would you tell to others who wish to study at Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin?

A: If you consider yourself a practical learner and value the importance of speaking then I would highly recommend Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin. Listening, reading and writing are still all taught effectively, however, speaking practice is where Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin is really ahead above the rest!